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On January 2017 that day will arrive; a moron will be sworn in as president. A sad and embarrassing day for intelligent and moral Americans.

For better or for worse he was the most talked about, influential and most unpredictable person of 2016.

Donald Trump is Time's Person of the Year

After one of the ugliest elections in American political history, President-elect Donald Trump won the title of Time magazine's Person of the Year. Trump took issue with the publication referring to him as the "president of the Divided States of America.

2016 US Presidential election. Donald Trump's words caught on a hot mic. Says he can just "grab [women] by the pu****" because he's got celebrity status, then shrugs it off as "locker room banter." Despicable.

Even those who have "the best words" don't understand the amount of potential influence they have on others, good or bad. Dismissing this is nothing but legitimizing rape culture.

Do not normalize this. And use your words. A person who lies is a liar. Trump is a serial Liar. Question each and every thing he says.

Do not normalize this. A person who lies is a liar. Trump is a serial Liar. Question each and every thing he says (❤ John Oliver)


Here's an idea, how about a Constitutional Amendment banning paid lobbyists from ANY contact with elected officials? Too radical?

You failed. And you voted for a CON MAN! I know it's hard to admit. Lesson learned? Doubt it. SAD!

This is what history will say. And they will call the Trump vote temporary insanity. Ask the regular Trump supporter if they believed everything Trumped promised They say NO, he was just getting our attention.

A big "fuck you" to the descendants of immigrants who invaded this country and have the nerve to rail against immigrants. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. Un-fucking-believable!!

tell me about Well, honey, people were upset about a woman's email so we let Nazis take over. Vile Crooked Pervert Trump and Republikkkan Fascists

Donald Trump: living proof that anyone can make it in America, thanks to the miracle of corporate bankruptcy laws.

Funniest Donald Trump Pictures

Trump, a man who believes he had it rough and scrambled to achieve the 'Merican Dream with his "tiny" inheritance, aka Nuts