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INFP/INFJ Relationship requested by sunhasrisen INFP/INFJ share no cognitive functions, but often can appear very similar to each other on the surface level. The main difference is how they interact.

INFJ ... Haha, my wall has been half finished for a couple months now..

The problems I find easy to resolve are not easy to explain. It’s always something that’s part of several other things. Those are the kind of problems I find easy to untangle and hard to resist.

Also true for me, an ISFJ

I'm sure this is true of other personality types too, but it's definitely true for INFJs! All my coworkers say, "just don't care.

Aaron Caycedo-Kimura, the illustrator behind INFJoe Cartoons, says he created the series to help other INFJs not feel so alone.

24 Cartoons That Introverts (Especially INFJs) Will Relate To

Sensing vs Intuition. I'm right in the middle, I can see all! lol

Fi-NI LOOP and Fi-Si LOOP~The Fi/Ni loop makes people more paranoid or convinced what they imagine is true, and the Fi/Si loop makes people nit-picky/pedantic and stuck and sometimes completely avoidant or shut down and not moving forward at all.

3 Signs You Are An INFP | Oddly Developed Types

3 Signs You Are An INFP or INFJ you worry about the self esteem of inanimate objects

64 Inspiring and Relatable Quotes for INFPs | I...

64 Inspiring and Relatable Quotes for INFPs

My wife (INFP) and I (INFJ) have been going for an exercise walk almost every morning lately. In my mind, it’s an “exercise” walk, so I’m focused on the goal of getting some…