Victorian Winter Gothic Gown by BlackMart Costume designer: Katherine Baumgertner Photographer: Nico Sha Model: Katherine Baumgertner

スチームパンク Steampunk

"Готика и стимпанк" Фотограф: Евгений Юршин / Photographer: Evgeny Yurshin Модель: Катерина Баумгертнер /Model: Katerina Baumgertner もっと見る

♥♥♥ Lovely & Exquisite!

lovely outfit inspiration taken to create my own Victorian style dress bustle back which adds more volume. There is lots of detail and time spent on this dress to add the bows.

Victorian Gothic

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mszombi: “ rosanitida: “ Wearing gothic lolita after such a long break from lolita fashion!