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The Domestic Witch: Why the Inverted Pentacle/Pentagram Might Not Mean What You Think It Means.Some say this represents the need for a witch to face the shadows and darkness within so they won't rise up unexpectedly later.

Behind the scenes of undertale!

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undertale genocide movie and pacific movie by hrdrifter This looks like behind the scenes

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Inspirational Comic This is how I felt about my butterfly story

The PENTACLE is a symbol of a star encased in a circle....

The upright pentacle is not an evil or satanic symbol. Simply it is the four elements or Matter ruled by Spirit. An inverse pentacle is Matter ruling Spirit which is considered dark or unenlightened magick.

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Connecting the centre of each of the circles formed in the Flower of Life forms another Sacred Geometric shape known as Metatron’s Cube.

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The complete Icelandic staves / Ásatrú symbol series. Each artwork is representing an element. They are presented…

Erin bubu by CookieHana on DeviantArt

Kine, A younger type, this but with floppy ears. Cutesy little one who wants to be friends with everyone (and succeeds). LETS KILL HER HELL YEAH