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Eagles are the peak killer of the food cycle. They are furnished with tough talons, large feather and also meat cleaver beak. All these types originate from the participant of Accipitridae family members.  There are around 60 type of eagle kinds that originate from the submember of Buteoninae and also Circaetinae. This article will absolutely disclose the kinds of eagles that originate from numerous category with their distinctive look. FAMOUS TYPES OF EAGLES IN THE WORLD, Famous eagles…

Top 11 Famous Types of Eagles in The World With Awesome Pictures

Awesome flying eagle over the mountain. Prophetic image of power. Please also visit www. for colorful inspirational prophetic art and stories.

Tengmalms owl young (South Finland)

A Tengmalm's owl young (South Finland) ~ All the beautiful birds out there and I always fall for the owls.

lovebirds ~ Lovely quilt color inspiration: bright green, orangey tan, bright pinky red, turquoise

Cozy couple - nothing like nature to put together the perfect color palette!

Artist Pony Reinhardt of Portland-based Tenderfoot Studio (previously) produces wildly creative tattoos which she describes as a "cosmic cataclysm of the Ghastly Phantastic." Images of the natural world mingle with stars and elements of sacred geometry in a  style reminiscent of old etchings and woo

A Collision of Flora, Fauna, and the Cosmic in Tattoos by Pony Reinhardt

A Collision of Flora, Fauna, and the Cosmic in Tattoos by Pony Reinhardt (Colossal)

Crested Owl (Lophostrix crostata)  The Crested Owl is strictly nocturnal and feeds mainly on large insects like caterpillars or beetles although probably will take some small vertebrates too.

Juvenile Crested Owl: The crested owl (Lophostrix cristata) is a species of owl in the family Strigidae. It is the only species (monotypic), in the genus Lophostrix.

Liberty Art Fabrics Fairy Land Tana Lawn Cotton | Fabric | Liberty.co.uk

A new Liberty tana lawn print, Fairy Land, and the perfect orange for it.

Téa Tosh Toucan with baby by Tere Hernández Huerta

Téa Tosh Toucan with baby by Tere Hernández Huerta

Machu Picchu: All you ever need to know about the ancient Inca Ruins in Peru. All the facts on Machu Picchu, pictures and detailed information. Click for more.

The ultimate guide to Machu Picchu