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Hmmmm...I wonder what she reads? What does she listens to? What feelings are most important? Does she see my love as enough, to make her smile?

Every woman's heart has different instructions… They're written through her eyes, in her smile, through her actions and in her tears… She just has to find someone who cares enough to read them… Relationship Quotes

Wisdom and Courage

from LeopardJoy: my little (similar) daily prayer has always been "Dear Lord, help me to know the right thing to do, and then please help me do it"

Goodbyes hurt more than anything. Especially when deep down, you know you will never say hello again.

Never thought this before. I always hated saying goodbye because it means you'll always have a certain moment only one time in your life.

Love ends

i'm slowly realizing this: why waste your time getting hurt by someone when there's someone else out there waiting to make you happy.

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If what's ahead of you scares you, and what's behind hurts you. God never fails to help you.If they refuse to see . remember that once we were in the exact same spot.

have joy in the lesson

An entry from The Sweet Simple Life

"In order to move on, you must understand why you felt what you did and why you no longer need to feel it." - Mitch Albom (from his book 'The Five People You Meet In Heaven')