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just for fun

I am so sorry! I don't believe that these things work, but I figured, why not? Cuz that's just how weird I am

Repost if you love your dad

I love my dad so much! (Btw I'm not pinning this cuz I think that girl not pinning it had anything to do with her dad passing, I'm pinning it cuz I love my dad

What you did as a kid.  I did almost all of these!

What 90's kids did when they were a kid.

But I didn't do the pole, Pringles, or jello -- Never had a Game boy color and the pole but everything else, yes

To be honest I didn't even know that was a gecko. I thought a gecko looked like the one off of "Geico" | Lol | Pinterest

Now there's Safety Don, Immunity Cat, Safety Kitty, Infinity Llama, and Immunity Gecko!^<< There's Immunity Taco too :D

I have immunity Cat AND immunity Puppy now!

I have 2 Immunity Kitties, an Infinity Llama, an Immunity Gecko, and now an Immunity Puppy!