Princeton University Campus. Isn't This Serene looking?     #campus #collegecampus #princeton

Abstract Connection: Princeton University contains many college radical organizations that reach too far in order to satisfy their demands. This is similar to Malkin's list of institutions that consists of these radical organizations.

Princeton University - Princeton, New Jersey

Princeton University - A recent study by academics at Princeton and Northwestern that purports to show that the U. is evolving into an oligarchy in which wealthy elites exercise far more power over the political process than ordinary citizens.

Bougainvillea with turquoise window trim and front door.

Red flowers positively bursting forth from this lovely building in Greece. Levendis Estate, Ithaca, Greece - wish I could grow one of these!

rust, with green,orange, and brown possible start for color palette?

Love the contrast between the orange/yellow of the changing leaves and the green peeling paint of the fence post.

Art is the window to mans soul. Without it, he would never be able to see beyond his immediate world; nor could the world see the man within.

lovely window and stained glass shutters.what a unique idea, Not sure if it's abandoned, or what it is.