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Превращение макулатуры в шедевр.

You can turn waste paper into something wonderful.

Wrap a plant in a square of pretty paper or fabric:

24 Cute And Incredibly Useful Gift Wrap DIYs

Magnificent Origami - The Meta Picture

Magnificent Origami

Funny pictures about Magnificent Origami. Oh, and cool pics about Magnificent Origami. Also, Magnificent Origami photos.

Fish sculpture made of recycled bottles.

Eco Art in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. A fish sculpture constructed from discarded plastic bottles rises out of the sand at Botafogo beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on June The city is host to the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, or

How to cut a glass bottle with nail polish remover, string, and fire. Seems like this could come in handy someday.

Cut a Glass Bottle Using Nail Polish, String, and Fire

How to neatly and easily cut a glass bottle using household items. -acetone (nail polish remover), - string, - matches, - a sink filled with cold water. This how-to video is very useful (IF you can stand the extremely annoying music in the background).

DIY Bottle cap - ring/finger pin cushion - Anillo alfiletero #yolohice – Singer México

DIY Bottle cap - ring/finger pin cushion - Anillo alfiletero – Singer México Cross stitch top or side?

DIY Paper Basket Panier en papier

Paper Basket Panier en papier - A very unusual paper decoration. The basic idea is very simple, but you will need time and patience to go all the way!

Плетение из газет

Плетение из газет

basket from drinking straw m.w Wonderful DIY Creative Drinking Straw Basket

This is the coolest version of recycled crayons I've ever seen.  Repinned from @Patti Dean

Ways to Reuse Empty Pill Bottles: Crafts, Ideas, and More