Free knitting pattern for My First Lace Shawl

Easy Shawl Knitting Patterns

Ravelry: shleep's Elowen Shawl

shleep's Elowen Shawl

Elowen Shawl By Judy Marples - Purchased Knitted Pattern - (ravelry) knitting

Ravelry: Hybrid Vigour pattern by Mary-Anne Mace, free pattern poncho/shawl

Hybrid Vigour is my response to the never-ending problem of shawl ends slithering off my shoulder and back around to the front.

Superbe modèle d'Elizabeth Freeman, déjà auteur du Laminaria, Aeolian shawl associe la grâce des points dentelle estoniens à l'élégance des...

Aeolian shawl - Tricot : modèles gratuits traduits en français

Ravelry: Patsy55's Dream Stripes (free pattern)

Ravelry: Patsy55's Dream Stripes (free pattern)

Ravelry: JudyB by Kimberly Gintar

JudyB pattern by Kimberly Gintar