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German Ancestry Map
Migration Routes Shows every county in every state and the decade in which it was created.
Cyndis List - Surnames, Family Associations & Family Newsletters
Pennsylvania Online Historical Newspapers Summary - The Ancestor Hunt
New website called Place My Past maps your family tree. Family Tree Magazine's Genealogy Insider blog tells how it works.
map of colonies
Are you researching your family history? Historical maps can be an exceptional tool when you are beginning a genealogy research project...  Each State page contains rotating animated maps showing all of the county boundary changes & all of the county boundaries for each census year for each year. Past and present maps of US are overlaid so that you can see the changes in county boundaries, downloadable County D.O.T. Maps, and state atlas maps.
1874 German map of Prussia.  My family came from here -- a place in Prussia called The Village Gruchow
Map of Baden Germany in 1800
German States Before and since the French Revolution: II. Wurtemberg (County of Horburg and Lordship of Reichenweier. Principality-County of Montbeliard. Wurtemberg since 1495. From The Historical Atlas by William R. Shepherd, 1923) - click on link and you can enlarge the image to really see every area