Stick Weaving, Much faster than normal weaving.  Crazy for stripes. Self-striping yarn.

Stick Weaving For a Quick Homemade Gift

Cardboad loom saori weaving.  Kids in a school I subbed in made gorgeous bags by continuing to weave on the other side of the loom...

Make gorgeous bags or pillows by continuing to wrap the warp strings around the loom, and then weave on the other side of the loom. clip top warp strings, tie in side-by-side pairs, and remove cardboard. weave in top warp ends to finish off.


Drinking straw loom, a project I learned in girl scouts. The result is a strip of woven fabric, perfect for use as a belt or scarf. more straws yields a wider strip.

From one weaver to another, materials to delight and inspire.

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Cardboard looms - great trick for weaving designs!

Cardboard looms are wonderful! They can be made with recycled boxes, and weaving can be done with scrap yarn or rags. Show us what you''ve done on your cardboard loom!

Handwoven inkle bookmark by AllMyCreations on Etsy, $8.00

Handwoven inkle bookmark – rayon and cotton – approx Warp is space dyed rayon with cotton embroidery floss weft.