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only I can say bad things about my horse, because I know MY horse better then you do ^.^ <3

Anyone who would say something bad about my horse better get ready to die. No one messes with my horse.

Never give up on your horse, because your horse would never give up on you . Tumblr

"Never give up on your horse because your horse would never give up on you." This is one of my favorite quotes, recently I had an accident with my favorite horse and it shook me a little, but i would never give up on her she's my baby!

It's true. There's no drama with horses. With people it NEVER stops!!!!!!!!!!

i'd much rather deal with a 1200 lb animal than people any dang day.

He may break my bones, but he will never break my heart

I could get injured riding, but my heart will never break. You know until he stomps really hard on my chest, then my heart will break.