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Landscape: Hills and Dales - Lois Russell

Long and Winding Road by Lois Russell, twined, waxed linen in the National Basketry Organization's exhibition,

Hills and Dales II - Lois Russell

Hills and Dales II - Lois Russell, idea for knitting!

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Art Of Weaving And Some Interesting Aspects Of It

Emma Pytlowany: Kingswood Weaving Studio Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, US

Lois Russell #basketry - see a feature on Russell's work in the Fall'14 issue of Fiber Art Now magazine

Lois Russell, US artist who creates contemporary sculptural baskets using traditional techniques

russell3 and just when I was so proud of my little Christmas baskets, an artist like this shows me how much I have to learn

lindo cesto / Lois Russell, Artist, basket, twined waxed linen and thread

Seventh Wave, Lois Russell Contemporary Basketry: Celebrating the Vessel/Mobilia Gallery

Seventh Wave, Lois Russell Celestial Vessel Lanny Bergner Echoes, Jeanette Ahlgren Pod Pollination, JoAnne Russo Cr.