Motherhood - the moment you created another human, was the moment you chose to spend the rest of your life putting somebody else before yourself.

Yes. Sadly I have to repair what the other home is hurting.

True for single or not single moms. "It's easier to build strong men than it is to repair broken men.

Raising good kids

inspirational parenting quote "Don't let yourself become so concerned with raising a good kid that you forget you already have one.

For my mom--on a canvas, with me and my siblings. this or maybe Dumbo's baby mine

My babies love this book. I Love You Forever. My favorite memory with my mom was always reading this book. She said this to me every night before bed till I was 15

My daughter

This is cute looking, and so descriptive of our 2 girls. You will always be our baby girls. We love you so very much. And daddy misses you more and more every passing day. I love you dearly. Please forgive me.

My mom is my superhero!

Elizabeth Gilbert quote of admiration for women's abilities in dealing with challenges. What incredible things happen in life and business when we as women admire and empower each other.

Children should come before parents. The parents who don't spend time with their kids or make their kids do without things they need out of selfishness shouldn't have kids.

Very true. I hate selfish parents who only think of themselves first! There are WAY too many pretentious snobby selfish parents in TEXAS! They put their needs above those if their children.

Exactly! An just like that I ✂️ so called "family" off in .2 seconds... #idontliketwofacedppl

Unfortunately my kids life is full of disappointments from people on their dads side. I don't have to allow that on my side!