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Using a puppy pool is one good way to help your dog cool off while he stays safe in your backyard with an underground fence this summer.

Clean-House Tips for Pet Owners

Clean-House Tips for Pet Owners

Keeping Up with a New Dog: Clean-House Tips for Pet Owners. Avoid the frustrations of a new pooch with prevention tips and our advice for canine-proofing your home.

baby polar bear vs. Teddy bear

Funny pictures about Baby polar bear vs. Oh, and cool pics about Baby polar bear vs. Also, Baby polar bear vs.

ha ha ha ha ha, my pup must have been told these words of doggy wisdom

"They give you a lot of treats while they're training you, so play dumb for as long as you can." Don't you really wonder what our pets are thinking!:) & DO WE REALLY WANT TO KNOW!

Many dogs love to play with Frisbees, although most dogs don't know how to catch a flying disc. With a little patience and the following steps, you and your pet can learn to do this fun and rewarding activity. •Note: this article assumes your dog already knows how to fetch a ball or similar object. If not, start with Teach Your Dog to Fetch. It also assumes that you know how to throw a disc. If not, start with Throw a Frisbee Backhand and Forehand.

Teach a Dog How to Catch a Frisbee

Teach a Dog How to Catch a Frisbee - wikiHow My aspiration for Carson. Catching a disc mid-air.


This two furry guinea pigs enjoying a nice refreshing beverage on the patio. 29 Things That Are Way More Important Than Work Right Now

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This infographic provides 7 facts about dogs bark. It provides information for why dogs bark, how to get them to stop barking, and other animals that

"Who else likes to try to help out their dogs by scratching behind the dog's ear when you see them begin to scratch?" I do, but then they keep scratching me with their paw so I give up.