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Goldens take your heart and cherish it...they walk with it and sleep with it and they will never let it out of their sight...and when it is their time they will take a little piece of with them to remember you by...and leave a piece for you to remember them by... (Author unknown ) In loving memory of our dear Honey❤️ We miss you so much❤️

Goldens take your heart and cherish it.they walk with it and sleep with it…

When Andrew Fales got word that a nearby breeder was going to euthanize an otherwise healthy Golden Retriever puppy from a recent litter just because the pup is blind, Fales knew he had to do something.

Ray Charles Blind Golden Retriever Steals Hearts

Lambert the Golden Retriever

Lambert is a fun-loving, beautiful golden retriever. He has the sweetest personality and is always the center of attention! He is a little devil in his home and is chewing everything in sight.

Finn . . .A is for Apple (of my eye)

Golden Retriever - Noble Loyal Companions