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The Cameo tiara The Empress Josephine's Cameo Tiara (Sweden) is a gift from Napoleon to Empress Josephine of France. This bridal crown features plenty of pearls and seven cameos which describe mythological figures such as Cupid and Psyche.

Cameo tiara (part of a parure) belonging to Empress Josephine, designed by Nitot, French, c. This parure is believed to be a gift from Napoleon to his Josephine in It’s made of red gold and cameos, surrounded by pearls.

La tiara y los rubies cabouchon.

Lotus-Motif Diamond and Ruby Tiara, part of the Imperial Ruby Parure; created by Bolin as a bridal gift for Marie Alexandrovna, Duchess of Edinburgh and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and daughter of Tsar Alexander II of Russia upon her marriage to Prince Alfred.

Corona di Napoleone il giorno dell'incoronazione ad imperatore dei francesi

“The Crown of Napoleon was a coronation crown manufactured for Emperor Napoleon I of the French and used in his coronation on December Napoleon called his new crown the Crown of Charlemagne,.

Black Prince's ruby isn't actually a ruby at all, but a large spinel — a hard, glassy mineral that crystallizes into various shades, including fiery red. Spinels are worth significantly less than rubies, which is why the Black Prince's ruby is also known as "the great impostor."   	The ruby is believed to have been mined from Badakshan, which is present-day Tajikistan. It was first recorded during the 14th century, when it was plundered from the Moorish Kingdom of …

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The Imperial State Crown of Great Britain, Tower of London. It incorporates the "Black Prince's Ruby", a 140 ct. This image of the crown was taken prior to the 1953 coronation, when the crown was modified for Queen Elizabeth II

Josefina adoraba las joyas, y en especial los aderezos formados por tiara, pendientes, collar y brazaletes. En su joyero no faltaban los brillantes, esmeraldas, zafiros y las perlas, por las que sentía auténtica debilidad...

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Columbian Emerald Tiara, Russia (1907; made by Bolin; emeralds, diamonds). Belonged to Czarina Alexandra Feodorovna and her sister Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna.

The Alexandra Feodorovna Emerald Tiara

Russian Jewels: the Colombian Tiara - c. Emerald and Diamond tiara of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna by the Russian jeweler Bolin.

Iranian crown.  "The Kiani Crown made on the orders of Fath Ali Shah is undoubtedly one of the most fabulous crowns ever made in the history of the monarchies of the world."  Fabulous information on this crown at the originating website.

The Kiani Crown was the traditional coronation crown in the Iranian Crown Jewels which was used during the Qajar dynasty

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Imperial Romanov Jewels - The Russian Diamond Fund: Russia's Treasure of Diamonds and Precious Stones (pearl and diamond diadem)

Imperial Crown Of India

Imperial Crown of India was made for King George V to wear at the Delhi Durbar in 1911 when he was acclaimed Emperor of India. A special crown had to be made as the Imperial State Crown cannot be taken out of England

Royalty & Pomp: Empress Farah of Iran.

Empress Farah of Iran Nationality: Iranian Jewelry: A crown featuring emeralds, pearls and rubies, created by Van Cleef & Arpels for the Empress using stones from the Iranian royal collection.