Can't tell if this is actually a pallet or just pallet inspired, either way love the touch of color.

21 ways of turning pallets into unique pieces of furniture. Might use this idea with some of the pallets from the building supplies that we were shipped. Maybe a rolling table for the porch? We'll see.

Red Flags to watch out for when choosing a pallet to use for crafting

Choosing a Pallet For Craft Projects

Red Flags to Watch Out For When Choosing a Pallet For Craft Projects. Watch out for HT and MB imprint.

5 Ways to Get Free Pallets For Crafting

5 Ways to Get Free Pallets For Crafting

5 Ways to Get Free Pallets For Crafting - There are SO many ideas online right now about ways to use pallets for home decor, to build patio furniture, benches,…

Wood pallets are a great, sometimes even free, material to use for your DIY and craft projects, and you can...  Read more »

What to Know Before Painting Pallets

Triangular Wood Wine Rack

10+ Cool Wine Rack Ideas

If anyone is thinking of buying us more wine stuff . Let's avoid the rustic, Tuscan look and go for more modern design things like this! Triangular Wood Wine Rack by Schneider Architectural Works on Scoutmob Shoppe

Terrace cosy corner | 1001 Pallets

Terrace Cosy Corner Made Out Of Pallets

420668 10201093636371201 929384288 n Terrace cosy corner in pallet furniture with Terrace Pallets Chair Bench