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Here’s taking a look at few innovative, smart and creative food plating ideas. These are real steals! Simplicity is the key. That’s the best pointer to succeed in plating ideas.

The Art of Plating - Gastronomia como forma de arte

The Art of Plating traz alta gastronomia como forma de arte

Love the game of textures and colors with the mayonnaise and the liquid sauce. Salmon Mi-Cuit (half cooked) with yuzu shichimi spice and chives, grapefruit yogurt, kale, nasturtium, and pickled spring onion by

Before You Join A Meal Kit Service, Read This

I loved Hello Fresh during cancer treatment weeks. Fresh nutricious ingredients delivered at my doorstep. My boxes usually contained three meals.

Kue benci tapi rindu, begitu tepatnya sebutan utk macam2 kue tradisional aka jajan pasar versi sy. Lemper adalah salah satu jajanan pasar yg...

Lemper - Indonesian savoury snack made of glutinous rice filled with seasoned shredded chicken, fish or abon.

Tips for Better Plating & Presentation

Food Presentation - Food Styling - Food Plating Tips: the amount of “white space” is huge. This has the benefit to concentrate the food in the middle of the plate and brings focus to it.

Food Is Art

Perfect piece of meat! garnished with green olives, mallorquin sun dried tomatoes, sauteed pumkin, thyme,basil grated parmesan and demi glace