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Deadly Beautiful- Blue Ringed Octopus

I think this is my spirit animal! ⭐Greater Blue-ringed Octopus⭐ (Hapalochlaena lunulata) is one of three (or perhaps four) species of venomous blue-ringed octopuses.

Halfmoon Betta, Betta Fish

Pterois (Loin Fish):kawaii creature.Insect antenna color similiar to butterfly.

Pterois, commonly known as lionfish, is a genus of venomous marine fish found mostly in the Indo-Pacific.

Green Honeycomb coral.

An example of photo luminescence in coral in West Papua (Photo and caption by Stephen Martin)

Fractal espiral simetrica na parte inferior da foto oceano por Adnan Dmda (tomadas na ilha de Mljet, Croácia)

Tubeworm - Mljet island, Croatia, Adriatic sea~ amazing animal that looks like a flower !

Betta fish symbolize unlikely warriors; they are small and appear weak, but can actually fight and work through incredibly difficult situations.

May sound strange but I love tropical fish, Beta especially! (Stunning Portraits of Siamese Fighting Fish)