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The Fall of Gondolin by Ted Nasmith

In the writings of J. Tolkien, the "Fall of Gondolin" is the name of one of the original Lost Tales which formed the basis for a section in his later work, The Silmarillion.

Gothmog and Ecthelion

Gothmog and Echthelion Artwork by Eric Velhagen

Barad-dûr, the “Dark Tower” - J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth -Lord of the Rings / The Silmarillion | Sauron, the Dark Lord, ruled Mordor from Barad-dûr; the greatest fortress ever built since the fall of Angband, and much of his personal power went into it. The Eye of Sauron kept watch over Middle-earth from its highest tower. It was located in north-west Mordor close to Mount Doom. | Matt Ferguson Lord of the Rings Poster Set

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Húrin Reaches the Echoriath ~ Ted Nasmith.

"Húrin Reaches the Echoriath" sketch by Ted Nasmith

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Tolkien, Nasmith, illustration, Lord of the Rings "In Haste to the White City"

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"When his eyes were in turn uncovered, Frodo looked up and caught his breath. They were standing in an open space. To the left stood a great mound, cove.

The Fall of Gondolin by John Howe

John Howe :: Illustrator Portfolio :: Home / The Painting of Middle-Earth / The Fall of Gondolin