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What to say to kids...

7 Important Things To Say to Your Kids every day. What you say to your kids becomes their inner voice. It is worth the effort to keep it positive! Quick read parenting article to make you think and speak positively and make it a habit.

Children learn by what they live with. Environment shapes their views. Yes, their viewpoints can change, but the negative paradigms are very hard to overcome once learned in early development.

Children Learn What They Live – Dorothy Law Nolte Copyright © : I Love Inspirational Poems And Quotes Story & Experience

Teach your kids to apologise the right way and mean it!

The Four Part Apology; how to help your kids learn to apologize. I always have my students tell what they are apologizing for. This 4 step approach would really be helpful!

A few tips and tricks for dealing with the daily struggles of parenting a strong-willed child. #homelife #pinforlater

Have you tried these 7 tricks to win over your strong-willed child?

Have you tried these 7 tricks to win over your strong-willed child? - Best of FertileBrains Parenting Parenting 101 Tips, Tricks And

Stop doing stuff for your kids that they can do for themselves - red

Your Kids: Responsible or Spoiled?

Great article about entitlement-As soon as your kids are capable of doing jobs, take the time to teach them to do the jobs and then gracefully hold them responsible story of my life with this boy!