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Never again. Never again will I see your face in a crowded room. But that doesn't mean that I'll ever stop looking for it. - M.W. Poetry

I'll never forget the day a girl with curly blonde hair stood near Kim and Max. For a second i thought it was you and my heart soared and then crashed onto a million pieces.

It's only been 1 day but it feels like it's been 100.  To know that I won't occasionally run into you on the road anymore  is unbearable but I still look for you, Just in a different form.

A GOLDEN HEART-a poem I read to my daddy as he passed away-a nurse angel gave it to us to read as the time drew near.- down my side for my dad who passed away three yra ago

I hope u realize u will always have my heart and no one can ever replace u

I wonder if you knew how many times I thought about you, how many nights I've stayed awake thinking about you, how many times I've sat there cried about you.I wonder if you knew how much I loved you

harder to beathe

Oh my, how true this big brother. Sometimes I look at your face in a picture & remember my big brother is really gone and it's like I lose my breath & my heart shatters all over again.

...You never ever leave my mind...

At the pool today, overwhelmed by the thought this must be a dream! That you cant be gone but everyone else felt it too! I miss you so much that my chest hurts.

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It's hard not to cry my Juliet. Your father, Paris, and I especially miss you more than ever :(

Michael on

I miss you there's many that have left this earth too soon over the years but when i remember you the more it brings closer that things are better now. Your time was limited but well lived. I love you and miss you everyday!

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