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langleav: New book Love & Misadventure now available online...

langleav: New book Love & Misadventure now available online... (m.k.)

“Soundtracks” Langleav: New book Love Misadventure now available online.

Rantings of a beautiful mind

Every heartbreaker (lover, friend, or family. Heartbreak changes people or maybe our souls slowly fade to escape any chance of future pain.

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Lang Leav Can I just tell you about how giddy I get read this? It speaks to my soul.

weather | He was unexpected.  I truly did not expect him or his effect on my, my heart, my mind, my feelings. He was the calming sound of the light, pitter-patter of drizzle on an April Sunday morning in my brutal, destructive hurricane.

He wasn't supposed to happen he had a bife effect on me my heart,mind,feeling's, he had this calming sound in his voice whenever he talked to me and in the end on a April Sunday morning he was my brutal hurricane

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Lullabies, the new book by international bestselling author Lang Leav will be released September Pre-order at all major bookstor.

Too much

Wish I could go back and tell that pregnant scared mommy of two about to have number three, that just got abandoned by their Daddy(my deadbeat Ex) this.save me years of self hatred and self abuse, blame, shame bec it wasn't me-I kept my vows and loved h

That night... Sitting in the sand, running my fingers through your hair, laughing, laying in your arms praying time would just stand still

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If you cannot be a poet, be the poem.-- i am in love with this poem… really am. this is so beautiful. and i love this poet so much!