Journey through the underground

I like how interesting the camera angle and shot type is able to make something so mundane seem so vivid. This filming through a window could be a good way to get down the mundane nature of the montage without being too boring in the visuals.


"Passengers," Photographs by John Schabel

John Schabel has published a new book, Passengers, featuring a voyeuristic portraiture project of anonymous airplane passengers. The portraits were taken in the without the passenger's permission using a zoom lens.


So much depends on the door you enter to begin a journey, no matter the distance you think you are going. Is it a good door?


She watched the city become a bright blur out the window, quietly awed at the simple beauty of it all. Even the glimpse from her bedroom window didn't look like this.

New York (c 1978) | Photographer: Ernst Haas --- I love this shot because of the colours and atmosphere i presents. The fact the foreground is blurred and the background is in focus also makes me feel like i'm there in the scene, standing to cross the road.

Ernst Haas brought the post-war world to life with his pioneering colour film work...