“fat-birds:  the cuddliest cockatiel.   ”

animals adorable birds cockatiel been waiting to make this all day haha

wish my bird did this all she does when I put her in the bath is squawk and try to get herself out

cockatiels birds - Bing Images- Mine certainly won't bath llike that!


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Sos curios@? Este es tu Post : 35 Imágenes para Vos

Sos curios@? Este es tu Post : 35 Imágenes para Vos

Sleeping beauty

Betta Fish Tank Setup Ideas That Make A Statement!

Cockatiel - Cockatiels like to be near you and shouldn't be locked up in their cages. I wish more people would understand this, before they decide to get any kind of pet bird.

And you can kiss my crest, asshole!

Aww, that lil bird face as he was running towards me!

I know the feeling

daily afternoon randomness in hq 47 photos 233 Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ Photos)

If you're calm around your bird, your bird is more likely to respond with the same energy

How to Care for Your Pet Bird - Tips, resources for feeding, housing, enrichment, and more for parrots and other birds kept as pets