Dining area. House CAL by Studio OINK.  http://upinteriors.com/go/sph24

Dining rooms and kitchens by UP interiors

NEWS FROM STUDIO OINK: HOUSE C.L - I’ve already given you a sneak peak of the latest work of Wiesbaden based Studio Oink’s House C.

applegreenapple:  (via Santa Catalina | Salva López)

let's go to: santa catalina. - sfgirlbybay / Dining - all white white floor - green - wood - green - light - chair - window

Amsterdam-based Studio Aa has converted a former boiler house in south of the city to create the new headquarters for a family-run investment company

Studio Aa transforms Amsterdam boiler house into office space

Squint Opera Australia by Sibling

Sibling installs wireframe "matrix" in Squint/Opera's new office