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A face anyone would love pic.twitter.com/F9vRCdUYrj

Otters are in their own league ENTIRELY when it comes to cuteness. They have the cutest, fuzzy little faces IN THE WORLD. BONUS: They have the most adorable animal trait. Otters hold hands while they sleep so they don’t float away from each other.

"OOOO, I just loooooove all of this!"

Funny pictures about Happy otter is happy. Oh, and cool pics about Happy otter is happy. Also, Happy otter is happy.

Such a sweet face                                                                                                                                                     More

I remembered the video I saw on FB, about a seal like this then pulled a young girl harshly into the lake or canal or what. hahaha then this seal is so cute?

SKUNKS These stinkers are thriving, if they were critically endangered, those of us who have to put up with them, would be happy. They serve no useful purpose on Earth I have ever found, for putting up with them. No one dare tell me they are cute.

We're a Couple of Cute Stinkers

can you remove a skunk's stinker and keep one as a pet? :) so cute!

The proper term for a group of sea otters is A RAFT OF OTTERS.  So cute.

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Pet Hedgehog... Baby SO SWEET! Look at the contentment on the mama's face! BEAUTIFUL!

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