Coastin on a Dream : Photo

Asian street fashion - the cute and the edgy Plus some goth, grunge and punk fashions thrown in for good measure~ HomeAsk

Japanese Female Street Fashion - Inspiration Album - Imgur

Tokyo Harajuku Kawaii girls fashion cute pop vivid neon colorful Japanese street styles as known as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Photographer: Andreas Krueger - Tokyo street style

Photographer: Andreas Krueger - Tokyo street style - I'm considering to go back to green hair :p

I don't think he realizes what his shiry says. Or maybe he does.

Name: Hiro Homada Book/script he's from: Imagination Guardians Age: 18 Where does he reside: Starwood State Love interest (if any): Caylyn de Chateaupers What he's the most passionate about: Robotics, flying, cityscapes