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Charles Bukowski - Shakespeare Never Did This - Photograph by Michael Montfort, Cologne, 1978

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Charles Bukowski: «My Ambition Is Handicapped By My Laziness.»

Charles Bukowski: «My Ambition Is Handicapped By My Laziness.»

The 10 Best Charles Bukowski Quotes About Drinking: “stay with the beer. beer is continuous blood. a continuous lover.” —Charles Bukowski, “how to be a great writer”

Billie Holiday, singer - Spent her early life in Baltimore, living with her half-sister.

A great photo, often mis-labeled as "Young Billie Holiday." As several people have pointed out, the era is wrong. This lovely woman is Yourna Byrd, wife of jazz trumpeter Donald Byrd. She was photographed on Street in NYC in 1960 by William Claxton

Charles Baudelaire (French poet)

Charles Baudelaire (French poet) by Felix Nadar

"Per molti la morte è una formalità. C’è rimasto ben poco che possa morire."  Ho letto Bukowski a 3 età differenti: la prima volta non mi è piaciuto per nulla, la seconda sono riuscita almeno a finirlo e la terza.... mi ha incantato. Nella sua brutale, spesso volgare, linguaccia devi riuscire ad entrare e capire. Per me ci è voluto parecchio (educazione troppo rigida) ma poi è stato amore.  #CharlesBukowski, #morte, #vita, #vivere, #liosite, #Sensodellavita,

One of the greatest writers of the past century. Wrote incredibly raw material, and will forever be one of my favorite writers. Books to read: Ham on Rye, Factotum, The Notes of a Dirty Old Man, & The Post Office.

been there,done that....

French website with lots of rare pics of Bukowski

Bukowski pushing a shopping cart through a parking lot with style and aplomb

sonofbukowski: ““And don’t forget, time is meant to be wasted, love fails and death is useless.

"...the most memorable concern of mankind is the guts it takes to face the sunlight again." - Charles Bukowski, nerves from Burning in Water, Drowning Flame

Charles Bukowski - Bluebird - I say stay down. would you mess me up?) but he is so nice to make a man weep.

Charles Bukowski

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