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Paraphysornis brasiliensis - Prehistoric Animals

Illustration for Paraphysornis brasiliensis from our collection of prehistoric animal images

Art illustration - Prehistoric birds - Genyronis: is an extinct species of flightless bird anseriforme who lived in Australia until 50,000 years ago. It measured 2.5 meters tall and weighed 200 to 240 kg. Its closest relatives are the current anímidos, ducks and geese.

Genyornis newtoni was the last of the large, flightless mihirungs ('thunder birds') endemic to Australia. It was a heavily built bird over 2 metres tall, with tiny wings and massive hind legs

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Elasmotherium reconstruction at the Ústí museum looks like a Star Wars creature

Macrauchenia patachonica by philip72 on DeviantArt

Two versions of Macrauchenia patachonica are illustrated here. The first is similar to how they've been commonly portrayed since Wal.

NewlyDiscovered(PrehistoricBird) :Tingmiatornis artica,lived near balmy North Pole

Newly Discovered Prehistoric Bird Lived Near a Balmy North Pole

New prehistoric bird species identified in Canadian Arctic: University of Rochester researchers find likely cross between seagull and cormorant, but with teeth (CBC News 21 December

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Information about the extinct ground sloth Megalonyx and other prehistoric creatures.