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Swiss Army surplus bag panniers.

Swiss Army Bicycle Bike Panniers Bag Pair by VeniceVelo on Etsy

Got a flat tire- no problem- I'll just crochet one...

A skirt guard [in this case crochet] was necessary for ladies who cycled in long skirts. The guard prevented the skirt flapping into the spokes and causing an accident and preventing mud from splashing up. Modern cycles don't even have a mud guard.

saco marron con granny

Presenting our latest addition to Fabulous Granny-Square Fashion – the Scrap Granny Hooded Jacket! Make this stylish design with scrap colors and square-by-square granny motifs. Choose any color combination to crochet a unique addition for your wardrobe.

Для тех кто вяжет - очаровательные идеи

Для тех кто вяжет - очаровательные идеи

Ellegie Creatief : Nieuwe jasbeschermers

Ellegie Creatief : Nieuwe jasbeschermers

Crochet bike seat

Guest post: Crochet bike seat cover