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Happy Easter Bunny Video Daily Cute: Emma the Bunny Happy Dances Around Her Dog Friend

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Woman Helps Little Gopher in Trouble: Stunning “Thank You”

Gopher says 'Thank You' after being rescued from a trap

Daily Cute: Rescued Squirrel Loves Her New Home

Lele the rescue squirrel has definitely found her home sweet home!

The Cat And The Ducklings : Video Clips From The Coolest One

Thanks to this mother cat for giving these little baby ducklings a home.

Daily Cute: Godzilla Bunny Wants a Friend

Buddy the bunny likes to destroy things. But even Godzilla needs a friend.

A Day in the Life of a Hedgehog (Video)

This little hedgehog has a great life with a loving pet parent. One of his favorite activities is hanging out with a fluffy dog because he gets to sleep in the

Dienrentrainer Bernice Muntz opent in Lelystad de allereerste konijnenschool van Nederland.

Dienrentrainer Bernice Muntz opent in Lelystad de allereerste konijnenschool van Nederland.

Fearless Baby Squirrel Walks Right Up to Cats & Plays (Video)

This little guy has no qualms about playing with these much bigger cats. Luckily for this tiny rodent, it actually looks like the cats are the scared ones

Daily Cute video: Squirrel Can’t Take His Paws Off Adorable Bunny--He'll have to get the chickens in and everything...

Watch the cutest snuggle session between a squirrel and a rabbit. The squirrel just won't let go! Related 12 Animals With Amazing Selfies Cat Adopts Rabbit

Baby Wombat Loses Mom, Gets Second Chance (Video)

Wombat rescue (VIDEO) - Volunteer wildlife carers Stephanie Clark and Wayne White received a wombat joey after his mother was killed by a car. 5 months later, little "Tunna" is thriving.