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2 planes = 3 free falling buildings and no evidence of planes at the pentagon or Pennsylvania = plane crashes. Thanks media, we can always count on you to tell us what really happened!

Willful ignorance

Willful ignorance

I can distinctly remember, my surprise as a child, school year after school year, studying & memorizing wars. They piled up in my mind. Senseless death periods defined my education & it made me so uncomfortable. Seemed so strange. In my adulthood, I am realizing what my child-self instinctively knew. We don't have to be at war. Someone is making us do it, someone making money. & if you follow the money, you will make sense of the senseless violence. | "We have been forever at war." -Gore…

How long have we been a country? How long have we been at war? War has been an accepted fact of life for too long. It's time we demand peace. No More War anti war peace campaign stop war logic change attitudes

No heaven if killed by a woman! Answer to I.S. terrorists.

No heaven if killed by a woman! Answer to I.S. terrorists.

No heaven if killed by a woman ! How Awesome shoot them my sisters ! So one cannot wonder WHY they hate women so much.

Protest against Monsanto. Support organic farming! http://paleoaholic.com/ the government does not need a hand in everything!

Amish harassed for selling raw milk and organic food. Monsanto given protection under Monsanto Protections act to sell poison and GMOs. What's wrong with this world?

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Normally, I wouldn't post this, but the Fool who did post it & the Fool James Easton are just anti Semitic, anti American Conspiracist Anarchists.

This many executive orders from one man, seems more like a dictator than a president in my opinion. Presidential Executive Orders--Obama far exceeds any other president

Bees. and Wash U

Scientists from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have discovered bee venom can kill the HIV virus without harming the body.