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Abraham Hicks - Follow Your Bliss... Or 'Count Your Blessings'... I wonder what other passages from the bible refer to this? Now that would be a 'responsible, expansive (and lucrative) subject to research, write about and teach... wouldn't you agree? ❤️
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Abraham Hicks - Law of attraction
Volg je intuïtie! edelstenen kunnen je hierbij helpen.
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I've seen this before and it didn't mean much. Now that I have gone deeper into myself I get it, and it was exactly what I was looking for.
Abraham-Hicks Journal 37 p49
You Have to Begin to Tell the Story of Your Life as you Wanted it to Be and Discontinue the tTales of How it Has Been or How it is.. It's Called The Tale of Two Stories, and You are the Main Character of How it Was, How it is and How I Am Now! Quote by Gerard the Gman Today from NJ.