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Largest Bats in the world - Large Flying Fox

East Urban Home 'Large Flying Fox Roosting, Kuching, Borneo, Malaysia' Framed Photographic Print Size:

How's it hanging?  The Occasional Bat

Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox (Golden-Capped Fruit Bat) - Acerodon jubatus - This megabat of the family Pteropodidae is rare and one of the largest bats in the world. It has a weight of lb kg) and a wingspan of m)

People find bats creepy and scary but I think they are miss understood and I would love to have bats on my property. I've always enjoyed watching them fly around looking for a tasty meal. These are my favorite of all bats - Flying Foxes.



Bartok is a comedic albino bat and a neutral, later good supporting character in the 1997 Don.

Flying Fox, Pteropus vampyrus - in full flight.

12 images and facts about misunderstood bats

Walter, a mature Grey-headed flying-fox

Apologies for the lack of posts, but everyone is busy with getting the little ones through creche so.

How Bat Genomes Could Help Make You Healthy

A new genetic analysis shows how bats avoid disease and live exceptionally long lives--information researchers could use to design drugs for people.

God's Watching.

his is a dog-faced fruit bat. ("I was given the rare and fascinating experience of stepping into some of the bat cages at Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Just me, my camera, and 160 live bats.