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Relaxing in the bath

And because it's Friday, we decided we are ultra inspired today so July our Muse of the day.what a cutie just relaxing in his own private bath. Now those are the cleanest and cutest toesies ever! (original post - CHILE: a bath for one.

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Malcolm Arnold May 5 · Edited · same orphanage--time for my little "brother" to bathe

SOOO freaking adorable! <3 babies

Beautiful baby blues after the bath.

from phototutsplus-- ways to improve family photography

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Too cute Door AF gepind

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I'm reading a book, I'm reading a book! Don't you evah evah interrupt me while I'm reading a book! Stotler this is so my future child~

little bear

Black bear for Halloween

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This just so makes me smile! The sheer joy on not only the child's face is priceless but the dog is just as happy! Love this picture.

Rainy day fun "friends in a laundry basket"

Awww... She's so happy! She has a little, sweet kitten in her lap. Love the red tartan dress, gray knit hat, and old fashioned, "Buster Brown" T-strap shoes. Great photo!

look at my kitten! happy little girl in red plaid coat holding a kitten, smiling

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Wrinkles Wallpaper from Funny pictures! This is a funny pic of a chubby wrinkled baby and a chubby wrinkled puppy. Sweet, Cute and Funny!