Batman Beyond YJ Styled by Bobkitty23 on deviantART

Two things. I wish Young Justice had never ended because it was one of those superhero cartoons that could pull my heart strings. This is the best version of Terry McGinnis I've ever seen!

sean-izaakse's Batman, Young Justice style by on @DeviantArt

Batman (Dick Grayson) Young Justice Style by *Majinlordx, originally art by sean-izaake

Batman 4.0 (Earth-27: 2027) commission by phil-cho on DeviantArt

Dopo aver appena visto Batman Beyond mi sento particolarmente ispirata.

theonlymagicleftisart: “ Like me, Yvan Quinet has always been interested in what a live-action Batman Beyond film would be like. So he worked on these conceptual pieces and I gotta say that Batman.

Batman Beyond by *wyv1 on deviantART

Started watching a lot of Batman Beyond lately. Gotta say I kinda love the suit. Batman Beyond by Yvan Quinet