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There Are Many Great minds on Earth and Not All Are Human--Wolf Den Shared Ratty the Watcher Photo


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Wolf. Chukotka, Russia. Photo by Ivan Kislov.

Sign the Petition: Save The Wolves,They are all but Gone from the lower 48

Wolves get a bad rap in folklore, but Jim and Jamie Dutcher spent six years (1990-1996) living among them to prove wolves aren’t big bad guys. Living without electricity, running water, radio or phones, based on a yurt near Idaho’s Sawtooth wilderness (which sees 5-6 feet of snow in winter), the couple socialized with a pack from the time they were pups, getting an unprecedented look at the pack’s day-to-day life.

Jim Dutcher with a wolf of the pack (© Jim & Jamie Dutcher/Nat Geo Stock/Caters News Agency)

Le loup

I have this poster in my bedroom. Look closely & you should see just the tip of the wolf's tongue sticking out.