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You've been tasked with creating a spell at Hogwarts, what will you come up with?

Which Harry Potter Spell Would You Make Up in Hogwarts?

Harry Potter: Hermione's Obliviate In a effort to protect her parents Hermione cast a memory charm and erases herself from her parents memories. Part of my harry potter wand series

ravenclaw // you automatically feel the urge to do further research whenever you read/hear about something new.

"Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw/If you've a ready mind/Where those of wit and learning/Will always find their kind." –The Sorting Hat, 1991 Fellow Ravenclaw(s)


Things We Saw Today: Your Next Con Shoes

How do you guys feel about this?

How do you guys feel about this

Funny pictures about Expanding The Harry Potter World. Oh, and cool pics about Expanding The Harry Potter World. Also, Expanding The Harry Potter World photos.

#tattoofriday HP, Percy, Hunger Games.

I like the idea of all the book symbols together but I rather have a lamppost from Narnia than the Percy Jackson symbol