Susie Elk Hair (aka Susie Elkhair) - Delaware - no date

Susie Elkhair (d. of the Delaware Tribe of Indians (Lenape) based in Bartlesville, Oklahoma shown wearing traditional Lenape clothing.

John Hill - Delaware - 1910

John Hill, Delaware, in Native Dress with Headdress And Ornaments and Holding Lance - Gill - JUL 1910

Delaware Delegation to Washington D.C. - 1867 Standing L-R: James McDaniel (Cherokee), Black Beaver (Delaware), Henry Tiblow (Interpreter), John G. Pratt (Indian Agent), Charles Armstrong (Delaware), John Young (Delaware) Sitting L-R: James Ketchum (Delaware), James Conner (Delaware), John Conner (Delaware), Charles Journeycake (Delaware), Isaac Journeycake (Delaware), John Sarcoxie Sr. (Delaware)

An unidentified group of leaders of the Delaware Nation who participated in negotiations in Washington, DC.