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Baby Kipunji. Visit on Facebook: "Animals are Awesome". Animals, Wildlife, Pictures, Photography, Beautiful, Cute.

Critically endangered baby kipunji with it's mother, one of the rarest species of African monkey. A WCS census of the monkey species has revealed that only 1100 are known to exist in the world.

John Cleese

Browse John Cleese Meets Colin The Lemur At Bristol Zoo latest photos. View images and find out more about John Cleese Meets Colin The Lemur At Bristol Zoo at Getty Images.

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Image result for african animals

Tres simpáticos monos

Laotian Langur (White-Browed Black Langur) - Trachypithecidae laotum - Endemic to Laos in its natural habitats of tropical or subtropical dry forests, this Old World monkey is of the family Cercopithecidae - Image : © Bilby / 2009

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6 Adventure Trips in Africa for Over 40s

Ngorongoro Reserve in Tanzania (Copyright © Milko Marchetti). With high concentrations of wildlife offering close-range viewing opportunities, Ngorongoro is one of East Africa’s most visited destinations.

Javan Lutung by Irawan Subingar on 500px

Javan lutung, Trachypithecus also known as the ebony lutung and Javan langur by Irawan Subingar


The serval is a medium-sized African wild cat. Our Savannah cats are part serval.