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likeafieldmouse: Vaulot & Dyevre - Sunlight Pills

Vaulot&Dyèvre Moodiness, flaccid skin, looking dull, tendency to depression! You are obviously in lack of sunshine. Our range of supplements Kelvin Lumen restores the vitality you need.

Confiance - Confidence

Confiance - Confidence : believing in other's honesty and reliability

Yellow | Giallo | Jaune | Amarillo | Gul | Geel | Amarelo | イエロー | Colour | Texture | Style | Form |

Shades Of Yellow Color Names For Your Inspiration

"Humor I suppose I'm not funny I used to be before the injection that wipes away the dangerous emotions but it also can wipe away the good emotions to if the chemicals do not connect to the right neurons." By marissa lutz

zxcvfgdy: “ Human Feelings as Drugs ” It would be really cool to have a movie about this in a world where the government distributes these to people, and at first glance everything is fine, people.

club, pink, and lonely hearts club image

album posters - electra heart (marina and the diamonds) “ we don’t own our heavens now, we only own our hell ”



Drugs that the world desperately need. The most crucial is Empathy and Love.   Artwork By : Valerio Loi

Emotional Medicine: Love, Hope, Joy, and Peace Drugs. Contemporary Art by Valerio Loi.

Valerio Loi's Shop - Human Qualities as Medicines / Discovering

"Discovering"Part of the series "Human Qualities as Medicines"Limited Edition of and Numbered on matt photo paper

hope was what kept one going, even through the deepest depths of despair.

Viralmente: Centre for the rehabilitation of natural human feelings - Life Potions.