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Wedstrijd - Inzendingen wedstrijd schoolbib Oost-Vlaanderen (postcode 9000-9100) - Mama - Libelle

Wedstrijd - Inzendingen wedstrijd schoolbib Oost-Vlaanderen (postcode 9000-9100) - Mama - Libelle

alphabet coloring pages free download of the full alphabet upper and lower case would be cute to make a book for students

Alphabet Coloring Pages - great idea for baby shower! Print all the letters on cardstock or heavier paper. Have guests color the pages anyway they like and sign a message for baby on the back. Have the pages laminated and bound into a keepsake book!

This is fun.  Paint pictures on popsicle sticks and have mini puzzles for toddlers!

DIY Craft Stick Easter Puzzles - Plain Vanilla Mom Could be for anything! Use the large popsicle sticks to make it easier! If you really like arts and crafts you will really like this website!

Cardboard stairs slide... What an awesome idea! Must do : )

Chris started this one years ago. haha not sur how safe but definitely fun Cardboard + Stairs = DIY Slide!

How exactly do you teach color to kids? Check out these fun activities to help teach color to kids!

Tavus kuşu

No link -cut strips fold and glue into the middle then glue turkey body on top

Μετατρέψτε τα κυβάκια σε ζάρια. Στο ένα γράψτε τους αριθμούς από 1 έως το 6. Στο άλλο ζωγραφίστε κυκλάκια με χρώματα. Στρώστε ένα μεγάλο χαρτί στο πάτωμα ή στο τραπέζι που παίζετε με το παιδάκι σας. Ρίξτε τα ζάρια. Τώρα πείτε στο παιδάκι σας να φτιάξει τόσα κυκλάκια όσα δείχνει το ζάρι με τους αριθμούς και να τα χρωματίσει στο χρώμα του κύκλου που έτυχε στο άλλο ζάρι.

What a fun game! Make two dice: one with numbers, and one with colors. Roll the dice, then use dot stamps to make that number of dots in that color on your paper. My adaption would be to have the dice be a doubles dice to practice double math facts

silverware containers from Ikea.  I give you straw and pom pom Kerplunk.

Make Your Own Kerplunk Game - Invitation to Play

Make your own kerplunk game for kids. Made with silverware containers from Ikea, straws and pom poms.