Saatchi Art Artist Ines Kouidis; Collage, “Blond Smart Baby - Limited Edition 3 of 28” #art

Blond Smart Baby Collage by Ines Kouidis

Blond Smart Baby (Marilyn Monroe) collage on canvas - 100 x 140 cm Ines Kouidis Art 2011

Saatchi Art Artist: Ines Kouidis; Paper 2013 Collage "HOLLYWOOD"

Hollywood sold

Collage: Paper Size: H x W x 2 in A collage of Elizabeth Taylor made of original magazine scraps on canvas

Iconic_Collage_Portraits_by_Ines_Kouidis_2014_03.jpg (823×824)

Iconic_Collage_Portraits_by_Ines_Kouidis_2014_03.jpg (823×824)

Collage by Ines Kouidis

Spotlight on Berlin Collection

Saatchi Art Artist Ines Kouidis collage "Italians do it better" - Sophia Loren

Brighton, UK artist Patrick Bremer

Berlin, Germany artist Patrick Bremer

Awesome illustration portraits from the collage artist Patrick Bremer, he creates creative collage art of beautiful, awesome, colorful and illustrated portraits