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Aloft - acrobatic dance moves captured in minimalist black and white by Christopher Peddecord. Christopher Peddecord is a former professional dancer, short

ballerinaprojects: “ ballerina project S by Photographer Max Modén ballerina…

Blog de baile, danza, pole y más...: 8 beneficios de la danza contemporánea para mejora...

Contemporary dancer Mimi Moncheva of Konservatorium Wien leaping by dance photographer Ronnie Boehm


Simone Gunderson appears on this season of Where Are They Now?" (Photo by Jade Young) would love to reenact this!


Silhouette Ballet dancing is known for its grace and elegance, as ballerinas seem to glide across the stage almost effortlessly.

skills!!! destreza!!

This is what ballet dancers en pointe are actually doing once you remove the shoe. Stay like that, very painful and then you appreciate that ballet dancers aren't stupid