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polar bear cub and cell phone :)

Liz Climo is back, and she has a whole book of hilarious animal comics! From killer whales to porcupines, dinosaurs to polar bears, Climo attributes a delightful simple sense of humour to all her animal


It took a while for me to understand, but when i finally did i laught like crazy xD

Why have I never been a snowman?

My favorite Liz Climo comics. Cute as hell.

Liz Climo has fabulous and funny animal cartoons - thanks Rosales Sánchez Rosales Sánchez Birch Pootles for the tip!

My favorite Liz Climo comics. Cute as hell. - Imgur

My favorite Liz Climo comics. Cute as hell.

"The small world of Liz", a selection of small cute comics created by American illustrator Liz Climo, which features some very adorable animals in funny and

Just a lip comic bout kitten cats

I had a cat like that once.she was super independent.But she died.And we got a new cat and hes a male and hes super cuddly

There's a Reason Cats Have Nine Lives...

Death & Fishes -- A Frogman Comic -- I'd call it, Death and Cats. or The Reason Cats Have 9 Lives that We All Should Have Figured Out Long Ago.