35 of the Best Graphic Design Pieces of 2014 | From up North

Some images that inspire me as a designer. Always stay on top of current design trends and always to grow as a designer.

Advertisement   グラフィックデザインの可能性をたのしむ、Double Exposur …

写真加工の新テクニック、Double Exposureとは?(Photoshop作り方チュートリアルつき

website Inspiration - September 2012

Graphic design inspiration Source - Cool poster by "Dave" Love love looovvee the thought of putting the child silhouette with the city. Show cases the idea that we have the world in our hand for benefit as children- just like the American dream.

Voici une sélection de travaux personnels du jeune directeur artistique sud-africain Aldo Pulella.

Personal Works / Aldo Pulella

“Meet Me at the Center of the Earth” exhibition wheat paste

Great interaction of negative space with the complexity of the image; graphic type for Nick Cave's "Meet me at the center of the earth" exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum

Unisinos Institucional

Interesting way to show the person and what they like to do for hobbies as well. Could be interesting for business cards or high school graduation pictures or something like that.

Reverse of line, shape, offers blocks of opportunity. We would use this to convey a students solo path, it's personal and communicative of what's at a students finger tips with Campus Philly as it's partner.

Duel colour poster with photographs and vectors and some overprinting. Interesting segmentation of photos and nice balance of organic and geometric shapes/lines. This gives me an idea for a collage in my class