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Silkies; the white one is calked Nugget and the brown one Muffin

the white one is calked Nugget and the brown one Muffin

Applying the right concept of chicken roosting ideas inside a coop is highly recommended to help the chickens comfortable and get them away from predators or something that will hurt them. #roostingideas

All About Chicken Roosting Ideas For Your Chicken Coop

Reinventing The Chicken Coops Trampoline Wonderfuldiy Industrial. Chicken coops with runs diy small chicken coops. Chicken coops nesting boxes chicken coops floor space for chicken coop and runs raising chickens coop design chicken coops com.

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Highly-Recommended Chicken Roosing Ideas For Coop

To keep dogs and coyotes out I have an apron made of 2" X 4" welded wire that extends out perpendicularly about 20" from the sides of the coop and run.

Predator proof chicken run

Predator proofing chicken/duck/goose run- love it. or wrap the wire all the way around the bottom and never have a worry that they can get it!

Red Mites, Chicken Mites, Poultry Mites

Poultry Lice and Mites Identification and Treatment


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Roosting Bar with Sweet PDZ Horse stall freshener underneath - no dust or smell, & scoop poop out with kitty litter scoop every few days.... also, not a lot to throw into the compost pile except the poop itself.  Don't forget to build an edge around the poop shelf hold in the PDZ.   Also consider making the shelf accessable from the outside at "wheel barrow" height.

Poop board convert *warning-graphic/gross poop pictures*

Roosting Bar with Sweet PDZ Horse stall freshener underneath - no dust or smell…

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Coop Remodel: New Addition

When we built the chicken coop, it was always in the plans to extend the run in the future.

Why Keep Silkie Chickens  www.homesteadlady.com

Why Keep Silkie Chickens

The Secret to Raising Chickens Chickens are a lot of fun and seeing a hen that has hatched her own chicks is a real treat! What is the secret to raising chickens?

Chickens at different stages of development require different feed formulations.

Feeding Chickens at Different Ages

Someday I would like a house full of chickens.  You wouldn't believe how much better fresh eggs taste.

I want to raise fancy chickens in this fancy coop in my backyard. Yep, I have a thing for fancy chickens, now you know.